Allocation Design

Wentworth House Rail Systems undertake allocation design by utilising the clients preferred basic design range, performance specification, site surveys and track layout design to provide the detail necessary to allow construction of the electrification equipment. This includes the production of a Bill of Quantity for all components and associated materials.

For Allocation Design we would provide the following elements;

  • Isolation Diagrams showing the electrical sectioning of the OLE.
  • OLE Layout Plans showing the design positions of the OLE structures, electrical sectioning requirements, switch locations, height and stagger of the contact, position of other lineside infrastructure, geographical and environmental conditions, and layout design that has been produced.
  • Bonding requirements for the continuity of the traction return and earthing of the OLE and other lineside infrastructure.
  • Cross-sections of each structure shown on the OLE Layout Plan showing the dimensions and setting out details of the basic design required.
  • Switching cross-sections to show the feeding and sectioning arrangements, with critical dimensions and the allocation of the basic design required.
  • Bills of Quantity.
  • Methodologies for any non-standard installation in the form of a design report.